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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: NTLM authentication
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 23:28:29 GMT
> I posted yesterday a message with the parts of the log that begins with "wire", 
> (is that the wire log?) saying that the output log is identical in the two 
> versions of the code (rc2 and nightly). Of course, the fix perhaps
> is not going the be same for the two versions.

That is the correct wire log, but unfortunately the debug information is
missing. Make sure you also set
category to DEBUG. That will help me quite a bit. Please, use 2.0rc2,
though, to produce the log.

> > Not entirely correct. HttpClient relies on this method to force-close
> > the connection if it receives content body for a response type for which
> > content body is not allowed. 407 clearly does not fall into such a
> > category.
> Fact is that the MS Proxy returns it (see the wire log).

That's fine. But your assumption is still wrong nevertheless. It is
perfectly valid for 407 type of response to have a response body.

> > It already happened more than once or twice here that people reported
> > what they thought was a bug in Httpclient, when in fact the problem were
> > caused by their use of invalid credentials.
> This does not look to be the case, as if I do the changes mentioned I correctly
> fetch the pages.

Quite possible. 2.1 can be (and surely is) buggy. Therefore, once again
I urge you to use 2.0 branch if want any assistance in fixing bugs.


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