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From Christian.Nedreg...@findexa.no
Subject Is HttpClient with MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager a connectio n pool?
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 11:41:38 GMT

I didn't find a user list for HttpClient so I'm posting this to the dev

We are switching our backend from JDBC to XML via HTTP.

At peak hours we need to make up to 20 asynchronous requests per second.

We are looking for a HTTP lib that provides some kind of "connection
pooling" so that each request does not result in a new HTTP connection

The "threading" section of the HttpClient docs states:
"In general the connection manager makes an attempt to reuse connections for
a particular host while still allowing different connections to be used
simultaneously. Connection are reclaimed using a least recently used

Does this mean that an instance of HttpClient with
MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager provides the functionality we are looking

Kind regards
Christian NedregÄrd

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