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From "Kalnichevski, Oleg" <oleg.kalnichev...@bearingpoint.com>
Subject RE: [VFS|HttpClient] Re: [VFS] Crashes in getContent()
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 16:09:38 GMT
> BTW: I don't mind bugs, in any complex software there will be bugs, but I
> feel it is only "polite" to have (1) test projects on gump -- that run your
> unit tests [so I can 'depend upon them'] (2) transition projects on gump
> when you are doing a big re-work, so you control when folks get exposed to
> the new work. Folks like VFS just don't tinker w/ their code  that often,
> and so if this had been (or is) something inside their usage it could fester
> for a while. Since you chose to move them to CVS HEAD (for Gump) and since
> they don't run their unit tests (either) then my projects fail in Gump.

Adam, with all due respect let me point out that we have stable HTTPCLIENT_2_0_BRANCH branch
that should be used by those who need API and/or code stability. If GUMP cannot be configured
to use any other CVS branch but HEAD, this is a totally different kind of a problem, and it
should be brought up to GUMP folks, not to us.


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