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From Laura Werner <la...@lwerner.org>
Subject Re: strange behavior of 2.0-rc1
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 21:42:32 GMT
Leo Galambos wrote:

> I am using httpclient (HC) in a webcrawler. After 6 hours of run, HC 
> stops working and I think, it is locked by some lock of a critical 
> section in HC. The "problematic" code, I use, is here: 
> http://www.egothor.org/temp/Network.java

Are you running on Windows by any chance?  It has a "feature" where the 
OS waits a very long time before deciding that half-closed sockets are 
really dead, so you can end up with lots of sockets in TIME_WAIT or 
CLOSE_WAIT states.  There's a registry setting you can change to adjust 
the timeout down to a more reasonable value.  This doesn't sound exactly 
like what you're seeing, but I thought I'd throw it out there...

-- Laura

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