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From Michael Becke <be...@u.washington.edu>
Subject Re: My need for a Grab-bag of Bits
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 12:46:14 GMT
Hi Mike,

> - Redirects. I need to follow redirects, but only up to a limit. This 
> limit is actually not just based on the number of redirects in a chain 
> but also on other factors, which are not derivable based on anything 
> HttpClient knows about.
> So: requirement 3 is that I need to arbitrarily stop following 
> redirects at any given point in the chain.
> - Redirects again. They must not be followed immediately. This is 
> related to the previous point, but I think different. I need to be 
> able to recieve a redirect and then say "Oh, I'll deal with that 
> later, if ever". Adrian: this is one thing that I think supplying a  
> "retry handler" would *not* give me.
> So: requirement 4 is that I should not be forced into `evaluating' the 
> redirect immediately.

Just to agree with Ortwin...  The methodRetryHandler is probably not 
what you are looking for.  Using HttpMethod.setFollowRedirects(true) 
will turn off redirects and you can handle them as you like.


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