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From "Amit Rana" <r...@solis.jp>
Subject 0xfffd
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 10:16:49 GMT

	I am trying to make a search on
http://www2.ipdl.jpo.go.jp/beginner_tm/TM_AREA.cgi , the text box only
accepts double byte values.

	After sending an Http Post request using HttpClient, server
responds by saying "no input was given". Following is what HttpClient
sends for the variable:
2003/07/01 18:39:35:924 JST [DEBUG] wire - ->> "key01:

1. What does this 0xfffd means? Why is server treating this as null?
2. Do I need to set some encoding type for data to be sent or is there
anything extra I need to do to send double byte characters values for
post variables?

Thanks in advance.


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