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From Manuel Castro Paliza <mcp...@tid.es>
Subject MultiparPostMethod
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 09:51:42 GMT
Hi Folks!

Is there any bug related with MultipartPostMethod?.

The servlet that receives my file throws an exception reading the part.

2003-06-05 12:13:22,890 [jcp-11] ERROR excepcion  -
1054811602890|java.lang.String.incluirAnexoBD|java.io.IOException|Fin de
arte inexperado
		java.io.IOException: Fin de parte inexperado
(Spanish Development ;C)

in English, Unexpected End of part.

I'm using 2.0 Beta 1 + jdk1.4.

The Creation of the MultipartPostMethod:

 MultipartPostMethod filePost =  new MultipartPostMethod();
 FileItem fi=(FileItem) fileUploadParameters.elementAt(i);
 FilePart fp= new FilePart(
            new ByteArrayPartSource (fi.getName(), fi.get()),

As my component is a kind of proxy, I'm using also commons-fileupload
(FileItem), that works fine!.

The wire log seems well, no exception, no warning.
The servlet that receives files works fine with M$ iexplorer.

any guess?
something about the boundary?

Thanks for all!
Manuel Castro

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