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From Adrian Sutton <adr...@intencha.com>
Subject Re: HttpClient Testimonials
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 21:44:24 GMT
Thanks a lot for that Eric.  I've got it in a virtual sticky for the 
moment and hopefully will do up a proper page for the site over the 
weekend.  Rest assured though that it hasn't been ignored (those damn 
virtual stickys just never seem to go away...).


Adrian Sutton.

On Tuesday, June 17, 2003, at 11:18  PM, Eric Johnson wrote:

> OK, I'll bite.  My temptation was to provide a bullet point list, but 
> since you requested _paragraphs_, that means I have to have fully 
> formed thoughts!
> We've used HttpClient in a variety of projects throughout my company.  
> Someone I work with had an interest in the project, so we tried it out 
> as a way to work around a specific bug in the Sun 1.3 JRE.  Once we 
> started using it, though, other features started to prove their worth, 
> including the automatic support for cookies, the support for 
> authentication mechanisms, and support for "multipart/form-data" 
> posts.  We also like the fact that HttpClient happens to be "open 
> source" for all the usual reasons, including the many capable eyes 
> that have been looking at and tinkering with the project to improve 
> it, the explicit code-review of changes that keeps the quality high, 
> and testing in a variety of environments that we simply cannot match, 
> especially since this technology is not central to what my company 
> does.
> Many kudos from me to all those who have put in the work to turn 
> HttpClient into such a reliable solution, for keeping the project on 
> the straight-and-narrow, and accepting and managing feedback and 
> patches well.  Of course, many thanks as well to Apache for hosting 
> the project.
> -Eric.

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