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From Adrian Sutton <adr...@intencha.com>
Subject Re: Httpclient under weblogic 7.0
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 03:31:28 GMT
Bingo! :)  You're using a self-signed certificate or at least a SSL  
certificate that isn't trusted by Weblogic.  Take a look at the easy  
trust manager in the contrib directory, you may have to adapt it for  
Weblogic's SSL implementation, I'm not sure.

The code is at:


Not sure why it showed up as HttpClient hanging though as it's clearly  
throwing an exception but HttpClient seems to be ignoring that and  
trying to read from the socket anyway.  I'll have to run some tests to  
see what's going on there.  Either way, Vamsi's advice on adding the  
cert to your trusted keystore or the use of the Easy TrustManager  
should fix the problem for you.


Adrian Sutton.
On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 12:25  PM, Om Narayan wrote:

> Exception while writing data <java.io.IOException: Write Channel  
> Closed,
> possi
> ble SSL handshaking or trust failure

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