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From Laura Werner <la...@lwerner.org>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Why is the HttpConnectionManager a field in HttpState?
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 23:23:31 GMT
Michael Becke wrote:

> Initially I was leaning towards the first solution, but I have just 
> discovered something that may make it not generally feasible.  I 
> thought Socket night accept a -1 for local port, but alas no.  If we 
> were to specify a local host/port, only one connection could be open 
> per host config.

I think Socket accepts a 0 for the local port, and it will pick any 
available client port.

> As Oleg said, it might be better to make a more obscure solution.  Any 
> suggestions on how to fix the case for tunneled HTTPS connections?

I think I prefer solution #2: put the local bind address into the 
HostConnection and use it in HttpConnection.open.  If using "0" as the 
local port works, this will give us the functionality with minimal API 
pollution.  I'm going to try this out right now.  I'll post when I find 
out if it works.

-- Laura

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