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From Oleg Kalnichevski <o.kalnichev...@dplanet.ch>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Why is the HttpConnectionManager a field in HttpState?
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 19:12:02 GMT

- The first approach would be more generic and in many ways proper. My
only concern is that HttpConnection class is really getting overloaded
with too many options

- The second one would be far easier to implement. I see no problem to
apply a few tweaks to HttpConnection#open() to make this option feasible

The most important decision factor (imho) is how relevant is the ability
to set local address for the greatest majority of the HttpClient user
base. If there may be a significant demand for it, we should go for the
first option. If it is likely to be a fairly obscure and rarely used
feature, I (personally) would rather prefer the second option.



On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 20:30, Laura Werner wrote:
> Kalnichevski, Oleg wrote:
> >Do you foresee any further API change requests that you might need to go through
before the 2.0 release?
> >
> I've got one more patch I'm working on, but I'll go ahead and float the 
> idea here to see if people think it's a good idea at all.
> On clustered or multi-homed systems, there's a need to specify the local 
> bind address of sockets, so you can make sure they're on the right 
> interface.  The way we did this in our old, patched version of 
> httpclient was to add a "setInterface(InetAddress)" method to 
> HttpConnection.  Since we were using HttpConnection directly, this was 
> all it took.
> I can think of a couple of ways to do this in the new release:
> - Add similar methods.  I think I'd add a "setLocalAddress(InetAddress)" 
> method to both HttpConnection and HttpConnectionManager.  (or maybe just 
> MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager).
> - Stash the "local address" info in the HostConfiguration via 
> set/getLocalAddress methods
> - It might also be possible to do it without API changes.  If I create 
> my own "Protocol" objects and give them custom ProtocolSocketFactory 
> objects that do the local address magic, that would handle most of 
> this.  The one exception is the  spot in HttpConnection.open() where it 
> does an explicit "new DefaultProtocolSocketFactory()" for secure proxied 
> connections.  I'm not sure how to override that one without an API change.
> I'd love to hear comments on these ideas.
> -- Laura
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