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From francois.gerae...@b-rail.be
Subject Already tried to authenticate to "extranettest.r kw-onafts.fgov.be#null" but still receiving 407
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 08:27:00 GMT

I use now the nightly build which fix previous problem i have before.
Now i seem to have a problem to authenticate my client to the proxy. This code work fine when
i use the alpha 2 release
But now i have this error: 

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not Used.

	at org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase.checkUsed(HttpMethodBase.java:1580)

	at org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods.GetMethod.getResponseBodyAsStream(GetMethod.java:309)

	at be.brail.util.https.BrailHttpsBroker.postByte(BrailHttpsBroker.java:399)

	at be.brail.rkw.BrailComTools.login(BrailComTools.java:107)2003-04-11 08:26:41,109 
INFO  <org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase> Already tried to authenticate to
"extranettest.rkw-onafts.fgov.be#null" but still receiving 407.

2003-04-11 08:26:41,109 DEBUG <org.apache.commons.httpclient.ConnectMethod> CONNECT
status code 407

2003-04-11 08:26:41,109 DEBUG <org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods.GetMethod> enter

	at TestWithHttpInterface.main(TestWithHttpInterface.java:44)

Exception in thread "main" 

Here is the part of code for the authentification:

  public static synchronized HttpClient initialiseConnection(String host, int port,
                                                             String proxyhost,int proxyport,
                                                             String proxyUser, String proxyPswd,
                                                             String domain,
                                                             SecureProtocolSocketFactory sslSFact)

    log4j.debug("Enter in brailSSLProtocol.initialiseConnection with proxy");

    ///Nt authentification class needed to contact the proxy
    NTCredentials usrPassCr = new NTCredentials(proxyUser,proxyPswd,proxyhost,"CAMPBMZF");

    HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
    Protocol myHTTPS = new Protocol( "https", sslSFact, 443 );


    log4j.debug("Before the method setProxyCredentials");


    log4j.debug("After the method setProxyCredentials");

    return client;

And the method where the error occurs:

  public HttpServerResponse postByte(byte[] request, HttpPostParameter hpp , Collection parameters)
      throws HttpsBrokerException

    log4j.debug("Enter in Brail.HttpsBroker.postByte");

    ///To manage the response from the server
    HttpServerResponse serverResponse = null;

    /// check of the session (HttpClient)
    if(session == null)
      throw new HttpsBrokerException(0,"postByte","The session is not properly initialised
- HttpClient Object");

    if(hpp == null)
      throw new HttpsBrokerException(0,"postByte","The HttpPostParameter is not properly initialised");

    log4j.debug("postByte - Creating the PostMethod object");
    ///Creation of the post method and configuration
    PostMethod post = new PostMethod(hpp.getUrl());

    post.addRequestHeader("Content-Type", hpp.getContentType());

    ///// TO disable the 'expect: 100-continue' handshake

    if (parameters != null)
    { /// There are some parameters

      int sizeCol = 0;
      sizeCol = parameters.size();
      ArrayList par = (ArrayList)parameters;
      NameValuePair [] n = new NameValuePair[sizeCol];

      for (int i = 0 ; i < sizeCol ; i++)
        n[i]  = new NameValuePair(((HttpParamTransport)par.get(i)).getParamName(),


      log4j.debug("postByte - Adding of the parameters");

      if( request != null)
        log4j.debug("postByte - Add of the request body");

        String strReq = new String(request);
        post.setRequestBody(strReq); ///Setting of the byte to send

      if( request != null)
        log4j.debug("postByte - Add of the request body. No parameters ");
        String strReq = new String(request);
        post.setRequestBody(strReq); ///Setting of the byte to send

    /// Do the post
      log4j.debug("postByte - Execute the POST");
    catch (IOException ex)
      throw new HttpsBrokerException(0,"postByte","Error on the post to the server: " + ex.getMessage());

    BufferedReader postReader = null;

    log4j.debug("postByte - Retrieve the response body stream");
      postReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(post.getResponseBodyAsStream()));
    catch (IOException ex1)
      throw new HttpsBrokerException(4,"sendFile","Error on the response body: " + ex1.getMessage());
    catch (NullPointerException ex)
      postReader = null;

    log4j.debug("postByte - Compose the HttpServerResponse");
    serverResponse = new HttpServerResponse(post.getStatusLine(),postReader);

    return serverResponse;

I have join the complete trace log of the transaction.
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