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From Jeffrey Dever <jsde...@sympatico.ca>
Subject Re: Further actions: 2.0beta-1 release and beyond
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2003 16:50:32 GMT
>Jandalf, would you have enough time on your hands to go through the
>administrative tasks of the release process next weekend? It there
>anything we can help you with to make your live a bit easier?

>Right after 2.0beta-1 release we should call code freeze on the 2.0
>trunk and seriously consider branching it out. I can't wait for API to
>be unfrozen. 
Agreed.  We had discussed having a 2.1 and a 3.0 branch but had not 
finalized.  3.0 would be "next generation" where anything goes and 2.1 
would be for some new features while maintaining comaptability as much 
as possible with 2.1.  3.0 could be branched when beta1 is reached, 2.1 
branched after final.

Thoughts on that?

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