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From Adrian Sutton <adr...@intencha.com>
Subject Re: Still problems with HttpRecoverableException and HTTPS
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 08:21:18 GMT
And with that proper terminology and Mike's investigations into which  
servers are affected I can turn up:




This is particularly detailed:
(particularly see Appendix A)

I don't think this is the same problem but I'm not sure:

So from my reading of this (and I'm tired sick and confused so feel  
free to disagree), the problem is likely to appear when HttpClient  
sends the request just as the timeout is occurring?  My heads too foggy  
to get around all the details at the moment.  Hopefully that will give  
someone a starting point. :)


Adrian Sutton.

On Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at 05:28  PM, Ortwin Gl├╝ck wrote:

> Adrian Sutton wrote:
>> Okay, in that case I'm putting my money on finding something like the  
>> following in the server code:
>> if (timeoutShouldHappenNow) {
>>     outputStream.close();
>> }
>> In other words, it closes the output stream but not the input stream  
>> or something similar.  Possibly a bug in the JVM that causes  
>> socket.close() to only close the output stream or something as well.
> That is generally called a "half-open socket". While legitimate, it's  
> not ideal in this situation...
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