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From Oleg Kalnichevski <o.kalnichev...@dplanet.ch>
Subject Re: NTLM Proxy Authentication : still receiving 407
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2003 18:37:54 GMT
I had to dig into the problem of squid HTTP/1.1 spec compliance when
dealing with 'expect: 100-continue' handshake. The conclusion I had
reached based on various sources was that SQUID was a HTTP/1.0 proxy
with a partial support for HTTP/1.1 compliant agents. As such squid
can't handle a lot of HTTP/1.1 features or can't do it right 

> That's just not funny - I spent all last week trying to fix our Windows 
> server and get the domain and exchange back up and running. :(  All 
> that effort just so we have a calendar integrated into our email 
> client... sigh.

Oh. Just do not give me an excuse to start bitching about Microsoft. I
would not be able to stop. I am a Microsoft certified this and Microsoft
certified that, i am qualified to tell how crappy their stuff is :-(

> BTW, to get NTLM authentication into your squid cache you'll want to 
> look at http://squid.sourceforge.net/ntlm/ it appears the NTLM support 
> is a separate branch.

I have NTLM support already compiled in into the version of squid that
came with my Redhat 9 distro. I just have to make it to the office.



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