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From Oleg Kalnichevski <o.kalnichev...@dplanet.ch>
Subject Re: NTLM Proxy Authentication : still receiving 407
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2003 12:03:48 GMT
I already have squid installed on my Linux notebook. That would not be a
problem. I just do not have an NT primary domain controller at home.
Luckily for me, fridges still run without one. Rumors have it that
Microsoft is working hard on a new operating system for refrigerators
that may require Windows 2003 server to be setup on the LAN. I'd have to
ask my girlfriend, who happened to be the sysadmin in my household, to
grand me 'beer access rights'. 

On a more serious note, how do I enable squid to behave as an HTTP/1.1
proxy? It turned out that per default squid behaves as HTTP/1.0 proxy
and as such does handle well 'expect: 100-continue' stuff, for instance.



On Sat, 2003-04-26 at 13:53, Adrian Sutton wrote:
> Aha!
> Fabien, it looks like your Squid proxy is configured to use HTTP/1.0 
> instead of HTTP/1.1 (the line below from your log file shows this).  
> Squid-2.0 and above handle HTTP/1.1 correctly, so it should be capable 
> of using that.  You'll notice that HttpClient is actually sending a 
> HTTP 1.1 request to the proxy but Squid is replying with a HTTP 1.0 
> request (which then causes HttpClient to switch to HTTP 1.0 mode).  
> Since HTTP 1.0 specifies that connections should be closed unless 
> specified otherwise, Squid closes the connection which breaks NTLM 
> authentication.
> > << "HTTP/1.0 407 Proxy Authentication Required[\r][\n]"
> When you add Proxy-Connection: keep-alive you explicitly tell Squid to 
> keep the connection alive and avoid the problem.  The best solution for 
> this would be to configure Squid to use HTTP 1.1, but if that's not 
> possible, adding Proxy-Connection: keep-alive is likely to be the only 
> solution.
> To save Oleg some trouble I can take a look into this since I already 
> have Squid installed - what are you using to provide the NTLM 
> authentication with Squid?  (Sample config file would be ideal as well).
> Regards,
> Adrian Sutton
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