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From "Kalnichevski, Oleg" <oleg.kalnichev...@bearingpoint.com>
Subject RE: cvs commit: jakarta-commons/httpclient/src/test/org/apache/commons/httpclient
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 08:39:55 GMT
This is massive!!! It's a much needed and welcome refactoring. Many thanks for this work

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Becke [mailto:becke@u.washington.edu]
Sent: Mittwoch, 5. März 2003 05:34
To: Commons Project
Subject: cvs commit:

Below is a forward of a CVS commit I posted to the test directory a few 
minutes ago.  It was rejected by the jakarta-commons-cvs mailing list 
as it was over 100KB.  I had not realized it was so large.  The diffs 
have been removed to reduce size.


> mbecke      2003/03/04 20:02:57
>   Modified:    httpclient/src/test/org/apache/commons/httpclient
>                         TestHttpConnectionManager.java
>                         TestWebappBasicAuth.java
>                         TestWebappNoncompliant.java
>                         TestMethodsLocalHost.java 
> TestWebappPostMethod.java
>                         TestGetMethodLocal.java TestLocalHostBase.java
>                         TestWebappCookie.java TestLocalHost.java
>                         TestWebappMultiPostMethod.java
>                         TestWebappParameters.java 
> TestTraceMethodLocal.java
>                         TestWebappBase.java TestWebappMethods.java
>                         TestHttpConnection.java TestWebappRedirect.java
>                         TestWebappHeaders.java
>   Added:       httpclient/src/test/org/apache/commons/httpclient
>                         ExecuteMethodThread.java
>   Removed:     httpclient/src/test/org/apache/commons/httpclient
>                         TestHttpClientLocalHost.java
>   Log:
>   Refactored localhost tests.  All tests that access the localhost now 
> subclass TestLocalHostBase.  This way there is only once place that 
> configures an HttpClient instance.  This will be useful if we want to 
> test against hosts other that localhost and if we want to test through 
> a proxy or with https.
> Added multi-threaded test for HttpConnectionManager.

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