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From Nick Coleman <nick.cole...@leanlogistics.com>
Subject RE: proxy and howto's and some questions.
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 14:21:23 GMT
Hey Adrian,
Thanks for the feedback.  Just a few comments...

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From: Adrian Sutton [mailto:adrian.sutton@ephox.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 6:11 PM
To: 'Commons HttpClient Project'
Subject: RE: proxy and howto's and some questions.

> The most useful thing for an applet utility would be to detect the proxy
settings in as many situations as 
> possible, the best way currently would be to provide a method similar to:
> setProxySettings(HttpState state, URL url)
This would probably be a simple piece of code to create and would allow a
central place for maintenance as the HttpClient grew to support more robust
Proxy settings, so this sounds good to me.  This could easily be added to
the contrib area.

However, this does imply that it would have to be called every time before
any request was made.  Currently, we are able to create a new HttpState, set
the connection manager and set the proxy settings (as long as the proxy
settings are the same for every request) one time.  We then use the client
without any additional thought to proxy setup.  It would be nice if the
proxy settings in the state could be configured to use the same or different
servers for both HTTP and HTTPS as well as setting up domains to exclude
from proxy requests ('no proxy hosts').  Then we could offer an option that
would configure an HttpClient object with all proxy issues handled like

setProxySettings(HttpState, Credentials)

Convienience functions could be created so that users who did not want to
dig deeper into the API would be able to call a function that would create
and return a completely configured HttpClient object.

> perhaps we should look at doing up a guide for using HttpClient in applets
as part of the new user manual?

As long as the docs were somewhere it would be ok.  It could be in the
manual or simply in a readme text file along with the Applet utility.

How passwords are stored is probably beyond this project's scope.  However,
recommendations should be made somewhere with regards to proxy servers so
that once proxy servers are detected, the type of credentials required for
authentication can be determined.  I believe that once the mysticism about
how to detect proxy servers are handled, figuring out how to authenticate
will be the next problem.

If I can be of assistance on this utility I would be glad to help.  We
should be able to incorporate something like this into our code easily when
it is finished.


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