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From "Tarek M. Nabil" <Tarek.Na...@itworx.com>
Subject RE: Stupid Service
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2003 15:11:32 GMT
Please disregard this question, it turned out to be a coding mistake on my side.

Thanks :)

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From: Tarek M. Nabil 
Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2003 2:49 PM
To: Commons-Httpclient-Dev (E-mail)
Subject: Stupid Service

Hi everyone,

I'm supposed to be calling some HTTP service to retrieve some information. I used the http
client, but when it was time for testing, my logs showed that the service was returning an
empty response. I went and tested the service with Netscape, and I got the same results, empty
response. So, I thought there must be some problem with that service and my code is fine.

Later on, I went back to see if the guys had fixed it, but this time I used the unix utility
"wget". To my surprise, I found out that the response was not empty. The problem is, the service
is not returning a valid HTTP response. It's returning the response directly without any headers,
and that's why, neither Netscape nor the http client were able to interpret the response.

Now, I'm using the getResponseBodyAsString() to get the response. Is there any other method
I can use that will give me the exact response body also as a String?

Thanks :)

Tarek M. Nabil

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