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From "Thiago" <...@infonet.com.br>
Subject RE: MultiThread
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:10:48 GMT
Hi Oleg,

First, thanks for your response. I´m actualy using with MultiThreadedConnectionManager, but
when i change to MultiThreadedConnectionManager the connections timeout has decreased a lot.
With MultiThreadedConnectionManager appears greater than SimpleHttpConnectionManager. It´s
correct or i´m wrong?

I want to understand the MultiThreadedConnectionManager. Can MultiThreadedConnectionManager
do what i want ? Can it manage a set of connections ? If yes, where can i find an example

Thanks very much. 

Waiting for response,

Thiago Costa

Citando "Kalnichevski, Oleg" <oleg.kalnichevski@bearingpoint.com>:

> Hi Thiago
> I regret that your message has been ignored for so long.
> 1. connection timeouts are perfectly legitimate from the HTTP spec standpoint. HTTP
> servers are not supposed to keep connection alive for too long. Probably HttpClient
> should be a bit smarter when encountering a stale connection. At the moment HttpClient
> simply raises a HttpRecoverableException and let the caller deal with it
> 2. Since you appear to be handling the multithread synchronization by yourself, anyway,
> it may make sense to use SimpleHttpConnectionManager instead of
> MultiThreadedConnectionManager
> Again, Mike Becke is the man to comment of connection pooling related stuff. I hope
> he'll correct me if I err on any of these accounts.
> Apparently since the way MultiThreadedConnectionManager handles stale connections seems
> to irritate quite a few folks out there, something needs to be done about it
> Cheers
> Oleg
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Thiago Costa [mailto:thi@infonet.com.br]
> Sent: Friday, March 21, 2003 00:03
> To: commons-httpclient-dev@jakarta.apache.org
> Subject: MultiThread
> Dear Friends,
> I'm using the HTTP Client in a pool of connection. I have created a
> class that manage a list of URL. For example: i have a list of 100 URLs
> of diferent hosts. I want to retrieve all this urls but i don't want
> to do this in a sequencial mode. I want to put  some connections in a
> paralel mode. Like for example... I want 10 connection in paralel...
> Then, when a connection finish an other starts. I want to use this in a
> meta engine to retrive documents in Web.
> My problem is that httpclient is raising many exeptions of connection
> timeout. I'm running my application in  super fast internet provider
> and it's not normal these time outs.
> Does the httpclient manage a pool of connection like that ?
> Does httpclient works well in a multithead mode ? How can i manage a
> list of url with a great performance ?
> Can you help-me?
> Thanks very much
> Thiago Costa

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