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From Ingo Brunberg ...@fiz-chemie.de>
Subject Re: [PATCH] 'expect: 100-continue' handshake revisited
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 08:56:49 GMT
Hi Oleg,

I have tried your patch. Unfortunately it does not solve the
problem. Sorry, that I cannot give you more help, but I also have no
idea what might be causing that problem.


> I have been trying to resolve the bug related to 'expect - continue'
> handshake. We have been making some progress but I still have no clear
> idea what may be causing this problem.  
> However, while working on this bug I have come to believe that 'expect:
> 100-continue' stuff in HttpClient is flaky and is in need of
> improvement. The 'expect: 100-continue' related code is spread around a
> few classes, is difficult to understand and to debug, and most
> importantly error prone.   
> Here is my attempt at fixing the situation.
> You feedback will be appreciated, as always, even if you end up tearing
> it apart, again. ;-)
> Cheers
> Oleg

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