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From "Aurelien Pernoud" <apern...@sopragroup.com>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Fix for bug 16458
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 16:43:55 GMT

Thx a lot Sam (and of course oll others from httpclient), I totally agree
with all you just said about httpclient.

I love encountering bugs and find out there might already be fixed ;)

Sam Maloney a écrit :

>> Thank you so much for tracking it down. It's really appreciated.
> No problem. When writing the adaptor for HttpClient to plug into
> ApacheSOAP (we use both in our project), I instantly fell in love
> with the architecture (as I said, I came from HTTPClient, which
> Jeffery Dever agrees with me is a very scary and unloveable
> architecture :). My congrats go out to all involved in this excellent
> creation.
> With HttpClient I was able to stream the xml from the envelope while
> it is being generated. Infact, the streaming works both ways from
> both sides (tomcat on server side). This was not possible with
> HTTPClient, due to it not handling not knowing the content length
> before it starts writing.
> I doubt there will be ever be any HTTP Client for java that will
> compare to this one.
>> Would not it be a bit cleaner to fix this part, though? What's your
>> opinion on that?
> I thought the same thing at first, but there are two reasons I have
> found to do the fix in ....<NEW EMAIL RECEIVED>
> well, I just got your email about you finding those reasons yourself
> :)
> Good to hear. I am looking forward to the first beta.
> There is that one more bug I have fixed that is important to be
> included in final (perhaps beta even). I will post it soon.
> The next bug doesn't have a tracking number that I could find, but it
> results in the app using HttpClient to wait indefinatly for a
> connection that will never be released.
> Sam

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