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From "Aurelien Pernoud" <apern...@sopragroup.com>
Subject RE: [Bug 13463] - Request/Response race condition when doing multiple requests on the same connection.
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 14:40:43 GMT

Michael Becke a ecrit :

> Do any of the requests fail?  There are some legitimate cases where
> that exception will get printed, but where there is no actual error.
> For instance this can get printed when a connection times out, but is
> still open.
> Mike

Nope, I couldn't get the header parser error, even with 4 clients making 5
requests simultaneously (or nearly).

And what you say is right, (I think) I only saw that exception when waiting
a little and then making requests, so that may come from the time-out.

If you want, I'm gonna try it with Opensta (webapp testing tool) to see if
it can handle fine 100 people simultaneously ! I'll change the log to error
only and see if I see something then in the log.

Just give me a little more time, and this afternoon I launch a real stress
tool against my webapp to see what happens ;)

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