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From Mike Moran <mike_mo...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Significant HttpClient & HttpMethodBase overhaul. Need early feedback
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 12:40:15 GMT
Sam Maloney wrote:

>Makes sense to me,
>I would definatly agree on your point that 'Client' logic should be in 
>HttpClient and not in HttpMethodBase. (I would say redirect, auth and even 
>auto-retry would count as 'Client' logic).
[ ... ]

I would also agree. I would like and expect my use of the library to be 
one-to-one with respect to HTTP methods eg I ask it to do one thing and 
it does it. If anything makes the fetch not `complete' then it informs 
me and I decide whether to do a retry/follow a redirect/handle 

- In my context the limits on redirects are not local to a call ie the 
number of redirects that are allowed on any one call may be affected by 
the general number of fetches that have been done so far.

- I require full control of when a fetch is done. This is to allow 
limiting of number and type of hits to a web server. If auto-retry is 
enabled then I have no way of throttling or scheduling hits.

As I think Laura has mentioned, it would be nice if HttpClient could be 
decomposed into reusable components for implementing a user agent, but 
it is essential that I be able to peel away any user agent layer that 
exists. From the sound of it, the current HttpMethodBase does too much 
on its own for me to use it.


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