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From Laura Werner <la...@lwerner.org>
Subject Re: Significant HttpClient & HttpMethodBase overhaul. Need early feedback
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 01:57:15 GMT
Hi all,

> I really like this refactoring. People like Laura should track the 
> changes we make and rewrite their own client to either use or extend 
> the HttpClient class. For the long run I think nobody should go 
> without the HttpClient class. HttpClient should act a bit like a facade.

Agreed on all counts.  I too really like this refactoring, as I 
mentioned earlier..

> However as mentioned earlier this refactoring should not go into the 
> code base until 2.0 has been released.

I have mixed feelings on this one.  Our company has a large, 
carrier-grade VoiceXML/telephony system.  We're just about to deploy a 
version that incorporates the 2.0a1 version of httpclient.  As soon as 
that's done (and I'm no longer getting dragged into random debug fests 
in other areas), I'm going to look at upgrading our code to use the 
latest httpclient, and to give our HttpCache a cleaner API so that we 
can think about open sourcing it at some point in the future.

My (long-winded) point is that I'd rather do this in one big step than 
in multiple small ones.  From my point of view, it's fine if the 
redirect work goes into 2.0.  Of course, that's probably because 2.0 is 
too late to make it into my current release, so I don't care if it gets 
delayed a little bit.  Someone who has a release coming up in a couple 
of months might think differently.

-- Laura

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