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From Laura Werner <la...@lwerner.org>
Subject Re: Significant HttpClient & HttpMethodBase overhaul. Need early feedback
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 23:24:28 GMT
Hi Oleg,

Please remember those of us who aren't using the HttpClient class right 
now because it isn't quite flexible enough.  If all of the redirect and 
authentication logic is moved there, I'd also like to see more 
flexibility, so that we don't have to write our own client classes that 
duplicate all of the new code that's going into HttpClient.

In my case, the main thing I need is an override that specifies all of 
the execution attributes via method parameters and only uses the 
HttpClient instance variables for defaults.  For example

   public int executeMethod(HostConfiguration hostConfiguration,
        HttpState state,
        long soTimeout,
        long httpTimeout,
        HttpMethod method)
        throws IOException, HttpException
        if (state == null) { state = getState(); }
        if (soTimeout == 0) {soTimeout = this.timeoutInMilliseconds; }

This way, my HttpCache class can use the same HttpClient (and connection 
pool, etc.)  on behalf of all of the all of its own clients, each of 
which passes in an HttpState object with the cookies and authentication 
info that it needs, the timeouts it wants  for that request, etc.  I 
remember there was another poster on the mailing list here with similar 
needs for a different reason.  Hopefuly he'll post again, because I 
can't remember the exact scenario.

A couple of minor nits:

- HttpClient.isRedirectNeeded could probably be static; it doesn't 
depend on instance state.

- Ditto for isAuthenticationNeeded.

Otherwise the patch looks great.  I agree that all of this code is "user 
agent" stuff that doesn't really belong down in the method classes.

-- Laura

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