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From Ortwin Gl├╝ck <ortwin.glu...@nose.ch>
Subject Re: [PATCH] SSLProtocolSocketFactory
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 14:46:36 GMT
Cheers. I found the problem with your attachments. Form the Email headers:

Content-Type: multipart/mixed;

and then:

Content-Type: text/html;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Disposition: inline;

It seems that "the list" does not like HTML posts and tries to get rid 
of HTML parts. So there are two things we can do:

1. Mike: tell your Mail application to encode the attachments as 
text/plain or application/octet-stream or even base64.

2. Apache Lists: do not strip HTML from "multipart/mixed" content but 
only from "mutlipart/alternative"


Michael Becke wrote:
> It seems that attachments are still being stripped.  I have cc'ed you 
> Ortwin just is case.

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