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From Jeffrey Dever <jsde...@sympatico.ca>
Subject Re: more common classes need a home
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 06:53:41 GMT
> What are HttpsURL and HttpURL generally used for?

Nothing.  They are never even imported in httpclient classes, they are 
just ghosts in some comments and log strings.  Thats part of the reason 
why I want to move them away from here.  Also I don't find them a 
particularly useful abstraction that justifies an inheritence hierachy.

> The various URI classes seem to need a home.  They might be big enough 
> for their own package.


Sounds like a good candidate to me.  Sung-Gu appears to be the only one 
who works on these (same story in the Slide project) so it would be good 
to hear what he has to say.

> Where is URLUtil?

Dunno.  Seems logical though.

> We should probably require the various classes as a dependency.  The 
> only down side being that a person has to download a lot more jars, 
> etc. to get started working with HttpClient.  It's kind of nice to 
> have everything in one jar.  Perhaps that could be a release option.  
> We could package everything in one jar as a "fat" release and have 
> just HttpClient code as another "skinny" option.

We still have this problem now, as commons-logging is required to build 
or run httpclient.  This is where I look to Commons to provide some 
guidance on this as its a general project problem.


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