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From Simon Roberts <simon.robe...@fifthweb.net>
Subject HTTP Post and HTTP/100 (continue)
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 23:29:34 GMT

This is probably a dumb-user question, but if it is, then it might need to
be documented for other dumb users :)

I just checked out the latest CVS HttpClient and tried it with my
application (it's using HEAD from a month or two ago), and am having a

Our app does HTTP POST (to a Jetty server, as it happens). Previously,
httpclient used to just push the request header and body along in one lump,
and when the server posted a http-100 (continue) status, it used to complain
about "continue received, but body already sent".  Anyway, it used to work
okay for us...

Now, the httpClient.execute(method) returns 100, and there is no response
(body) from the server, so my app barfs.

The question is, how do I make httpclient send the body of the request?
(maybe after I get the 100 back).

Cheers, thanks, Simon

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