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From Simon Roberts <simon.robe...@fifthweb.net>
Subject Re: HTTP Post and HTTP/100 (continue)
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 20:19:59 GMT
>> BTW, I think you should remove the log "enter
>> HttpConnection.responseAvaliable()", cause I have like 50.000 lines of it
>> my log for only one request... :/

> As to excessive noise in the logs, try using "debug" verbosity instead
> "trace" one.

I know logging is really useful sometimes, but *50,000* lines?  That's
certainly over-the-top.  I get a few hundred every time just talking to
a machine on the LAN.  Even if the actual log is supressed, there's still
the expense of the nested method calls (until it gets somewhere where
it can determine that the log is not used).

It doesn't seem most of the trace lines that show method entry are useful
anyway, especially with log4j which shows them at debug level.

Cheers, Simon

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