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From Armando Antón <armando.an...@newknow.com>
Subject Bug 12798
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 10:16:43 GMT
Can someone review the bug 12798?


i have added more info to that bug and i think it is an important bug related to how the request
info is sent (generateRequestLine method) when the path or the query has got special characters
that must be encoded. I have removed the encoded call in that method and things works fine
for me, but i think that this problem is related to the uris problem and perhaps it would
be a great idea to add new constructors to the XXXMethod (like GetMethod) using the URI as

When i say it is related to the URI problem, i refer to distinguish when you must use the
String constructor (unescaped uri) or the char[] constructor(escaped uri) of the URI class.
When using a XXXMethod to connect to a web server, you use the string constructor of the XXXMethod
that uses the String constructor of the URI class so everyone must be careful and know that
the string is an unescaped representation of the resource that wants to be requested

if more info is need then i will post an appropiate flow 



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