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From "Armando Anton" <armando.an...@newknow.com>
Subject RE: [PATCH] relative URIs - take 2
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 10:05:11 GMT

I was working in uri test cases too so i send some more cases testing abnormal examples (you
can find them in the RFC) :)
Most of the abnormal examples works well except two of them:

1. when the relative uri is empty > an exception is thrown (i think it is a good idea to
avoid empty uris)

2. when there are more relative path ".." segments than hierarchical levels in the base uri's
path (the ".." expression must not change the authority component of a uri). There are two
options here:
base: http://a/b/c/d;p?q
relative: ../../../g
option1: http://a/../g
option2: http://a/g (compensating author errors)

do you think this last abnormal example is important to be fixed? if true, what option do
you prefer? :) (i prefer the second one)


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From: Michael Becke [mailto:becke@u.washington.edu]
Sent: martes, 28 de enero de 2003 5:54
To: Commons HttpClient Project
Subject: [PATCH] relative URIs - take 2

Here's the patch for part 1 (the URI constructor).  Sung-Gu is correct 
about the second part.  This functionality is already covered by 
getUIReference().  If anything, I think the comments could use a little 
more work to clear up the second issue.  I'll look into that a little 


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