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From "Rob Owen" <Rob.O...@sas.com>
Subject isHttp11 and HTTP/1.0 servers
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 17:30:50 GMT
The boolean variable http11 is set on a method by method basis. For PutMethod, decisions (eg.
Expect: 100-continue request header) are made prior to determining the value for Http11 (chicken
and egg problem) and so the default (true) is used to produce the request. An HTTP/1.0 server
hangs waiting for the extra data on the PUT method body. 

For applications that are using HttpClient (ie. they do not manipulate the HTTP methods directly
and cannot be expected to set the value of Http11 for each method instance), shouldn't http11
have HttpClient scope ? This would allow an interaction (eg. OPTIONS) to set http11 and all
methods thereafter would use this setting?
Rob Owen
SAS Institute Inc.
email: Rob.Owen@sas.com

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