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From "Pill, Juergen" <Juergen.P...@softwareag.com>
Subject RE: Not giving ourselves enough credit on the home page
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 18:12:51 GMT

Based on the Http-client library a WebDAV API was developed (Jakarta slide).
There are plans to implement JSR 147 (a standard Delta-V API) based on this
implementation (currently not finally confirmed).

Best regards,


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From: 	Mike Moran [mailto:mike_moran@mac.com] 
Sent:	Thursday, January 30, 2003 18.54 PM
To:	Commons HttpClient Project
Subject:	Re: Not giving ourselves enough credit on the home page

Eric Johnson wrote:
[ ... ]

> Someone posted recently that HttpClient appears to be faster than the 
> corresponding Sun solution. 

I don't think Sun's is the one to beat. The innovation.ch one is not 
bad, though getting pretty old. You may want to do a comparison with 
what the jakarta one can do based on:

In particular, the inability to set a timeout on requests is a 
show-stopper for any serious use of Sun's implementation.


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