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From Mike Bowler <mbow...@GargoyleSoftware.com>
Subject [HttpClient] Proposed style change
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 16:38:57 GMT
I am going through the code and changing it to conform to the style as 
per checkstyle.  There are two places that I think we may want to be a 
little more lenient than the defaults and so I'm putting them here for 

1) Line length of 80

The number 80 originally came from the days when printers could only 
print 80 columns.  These days, that number doesn't make nearly as much 
sense.  While I think we still want to have a maximum length, I believe 
that 80 is too short.

In most of the places that we are exceeding the limit, we are just over 
by a bit (between 80 and 90).  I propose that we change the max length 
to 100.  This is still short enough that nobody should have to scroll to 
see the source but long enough that we aren't artificially breaking lines.

2) Instance variable names

Some of the code uses leading underscores for variable names but this 
isn't allowed by checkstyle.  The pattern it checks for is 

I find significant benefit to being able to quickly distinguish instance 
variables from local variables and the leading underscore lets me do 
that easily.  (I personally prefer trailing underscores to leading ones 
but I can live with either)

I propose that we change the pattern for instance variables to 
^_?[a-z][a-zA-Z0-9]*$ so that we will allow leading underscores but will 
not insist on it.


Mike Bowler
Principal, Gargoyle Software Inc.
Voice: (416) 822-0973 | Email  : mbowler@GargoyleSoftware.com
Fax  : (416) 822-0975 | Website: http://www.GargoyleSoftware.com

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