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From Jeffrey Dever <jsde...@sympatico.ca>
Subject Re: 2.0 alpha2 release attempt 2
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 16:05:06 GMT
> I am very happy (and i guess every body else here as well) that you 
> are back. I almost thought we had lost you forever. It felt a bit like 
> after Gandalfs fall in Moira. But now you are back as "Jeff the White" 
> and will guide us to the release.

And beleive me, I *whipped ass* on that Balrog all the way down ...

> Yep we have not been idle but are full of energy and ready for 2003! 
> Also I met Oleg the other day in a pub in Zurich and we discussed 
> (among other stuff) HttpClient. Unfortunately his commit rights have 
> not been granted yet. So I had to do all the checking in for him.

I thought that was done, I'll look into it (again)

> The code base is stable as usual and has had some major fixes (like 
> the encoding patch required to make it run on z/OS, or the binary 
> independence of JDK 1.4). There are still some patches pending. Oleg 
> is basically the only one who is reviewing them currently as I am 
> extremely busy doing other projects (that's why I'm here on Sunday 
> actually). But IMHO we can just tag and release any time.

I am just catching up on the list now, and you guys have been extremely 
fantastic!  I wish I was CEO of HttpClient.com and could hand out 
bonuses and stock options and such ...


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