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From "Sung-Gu" <jeri...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Slide and Jakarta-commons-httpClient
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 04:05:39 GMT

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From: "Pill, Juergen" <Juergen.Pill@softwareag.com>

> Jakarta-Commons-HttpClient API. In our night compile, the most recent
> HttpClient is used thus, giving a series of error messages (with GUMP).

That could be ignored as you aleady know though...
A while, by asking, GUMP configuration could be reconfigured...
by who somebody is responsible for...   I think... ;)

> I have started porting the Slide Client API to use the current version of
> this HttpClient and will remove the local clone of HttpClient from Slide.
> 3) HttpState: allow the HttpState class to carry the url encoding (default
> UTF-8) [needed, if the content body contains URLs, which must be encoded,
> see also next point]
> 4) HttpClient, HttpMethod, HttpMethodBase: allow the method to carry the
> HttpState (or WebDAVState inherits from HttpState).

While refactoring, the benifits of it was missed, I think. And It has

Perhaps it might be going changed more seriously or back by  multithread
It's my own thought...  ^^;   So you might be required to discuss it...

> Our WedDAV test suite reports no errors.
HttpClient test suites should be treated, I think.

> (please note, I am not a committer (yet)). I am familiar with the

You can just ask for karma, if you want. because you're one of initial

The HttpClient community looks for active contributors to put life into.
I think I'm not though so that I haven't had even time to read
mailling-list... :(


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