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From Mike Bowler <mbow...@GargoyleSoftware.com>
Subject Re: Bad cookie header: illegal domain attribute
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 12:20:52 GMT
Hi Oleg,

 > - Let's face it: you would not want to simultaneously
 > access different sites with different cookie policy,
 > would you?

I'm not sure we want to exclude this possibility.  Certainly, I can't 
see using different policies within the same instance of HttpClient but 
if we assume that there are multiple instances of HttpClient within the 
same JVM then I could see a case for it.

I am the maintainer of HtmlUnit which uses HttpClient under the covers. 
 My product requires compatability mode so that I can simulate what real 
browsers are doing.  This means that consumers of my product are now 
*required* to use compatability mode.  That just seems ugly to me.  IMO 
my product shouldn't be fiddling with global settings.

Mike Bowler
Principal, Gargoyle Software Inc.
Voice: (416) 822-0973 | Email  : mbowler@GargoyleSoftware.com
Fax  : (416) 822-0975 | Website: http://www.GargoyleSoftware.com

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