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From Justin Bedard <ju...@lerch.org>
Subject Re: Let's face it: HttpClient API is more complex that it could have been
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 16:47:18 GMT

Myself and a colluege is using HttpClient.  We both have a pretty 
extensive background in Perl.  We've written our own interface on top of 
HttpClient so that all the calls are exactly like LWP:

UserAgent ua = new UserAgent();
String response = ua.getResponseBodyAsString();

You can also pass it proxy parameters, query parameters, etc.  You can 
also access all the stuff (Headers, Cookies, etc.) behind the scenes if 
you want.  But it's very simple and very logical esepcially since we've 
been using this interface for so long (5+ years).

If you'd like help in this direction, I should be able to spare some time.


otisg wrote:
> Perl has something called LWP (libwww). 
> Perhaps the interface of HttpClient should
> be more like LWP's, which is very logical,
> simple, and has been used for 5+ years.
> Otis

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