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From Jeffrey Dever <jsde...@sympatico.ca>
Subject Re: Let's face it: HttpClient API is more complex that it could have been
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 13:10:16 GMT
>- ideally HttpMethod interface should be split into HttpRequest/HttpResponse pair. 
Perhaps the useability is slightly better by returning a HttpResponse, 
but the real benefit would be in simplification.  HttpMethodBase is 
simply to monolithic, and this is one reasonable approach to trim it 
down.  This should definately be a consideration for 2.1.

>- HttpClient.execute() should always work with full URLs. I feel that client.getHostConfiguration().setHost(host,
port); client.execute(path) sequence is unnecessarily complex. 
Completely agree.  The Url*Method classes need to go away, and the 
constructor should take a full string URL as  a parameter, parse it, and 
figure out host, port, everything it can from the url.  A URL object 
might be good too.  Feel free to work on that if you are into it.

>- The purpose of HttpMethod.recycle() may not be obvious to some
Its not strictly necessisary, its a performance optimization.

>- We should think of a browser as a paradigm for HttpClient's "modus operandi": start
the damn thing, hit that url, get response, move to the next one

>Now everyone is welcome to start throwing bad tomatoes at me ;-)))
I don't have any bad tomatoes, how about some bad apples? <grin>


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