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From Ortwin Gl├╝ck <ortwin.glu...@nose.ch>
Subject Re: Proxy problems
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 15:00:43 GMT
Kalnichevski, Oleg wrote:
> Chris,
> My concern is that HttpMethodBase is getting really unwieldy. HTTP
> PUT and POST have a lot of commonalities. I believe it would be more
> appropriate to derive both PostMethod and PutMethod from a common
> super class (derived in its turn form HttpMethodBase) which would
> encapsulate Expect Continue case as well as other common
> functionality. I have been long (well, even since I have been around)
> petitioning for a thorough revision of HttpMethodBase which would
> result in a better, more modular structure. The idea has been turned
> down, though, until version 2 release at least.
> Oleg

Not agreeing completely besides what Jeff posted. When you look at the 
logic in HttpMethodBase then you easily see that it is really 
functionality that belongs to HttpClient. As mentioned earlier the whole 
logic from HttpMethodBase must be moved to HttpClient. HttpMethodBase 
must be removed. But this is something for a future release and not 2.0. 
So for the moment just add the logic to HttpMethodBase and maybe extend 
the HttpMethod interface by one or two functions.


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