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From o.kalnichev...@dplanet.ch
Subject Re: Re: [PATCH]: Cookie management refactored. Proposal
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 18:05:22 GMT
Our mail server appears messed up. I am not getting any mails on corporate account, so I have
to resort to my private web-based mail. That's why I have to be brief

I just want to reiterate it one more time that I have merely restructured the monolithic cookie
class and wanted to have tome early feedback on the overall design. I have not got down to
fixing any of the shortcomings of the existing cookie management. If the overall design appears
sane, I’ll happily carry on hacking around the framework laid out and try to incorporate
all the ideas and corrections that have been thrown around

I’ll try to respond to each email related to this patch in more details. I just need to get
home first



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