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From "Chris Smith" <cdsm...@twu.net>
Subject Re: Problem with proxy server and PUT method.
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 18:18:47 GMT
More information:

RFC 2616 says:

Section 8.2.3:

   Because of the presence of older implementations, the protocol allows
   ambiguous situations in which a client may send "Expect: 100-
   continue" without receiving either a 417 (Expectation Failed) status
   or a 100 (Continue) status. Therefore, when a client sends this
   header field to an origin server (possibly via a proxy) from which it
   has never seen a 100 (Continue) status, the client SHOULD NOT wait
   for an indefinite period before sending the request body.

It looks as if this SHOULD is being violated, and I'm triggering the
situation described above.  I looked at the code for PutMethod to see if I
could easily resolve the problem... unfortunately, it is not obvious to me
how to resolve the issue.  It will probably require spawning a second
thread, and I'm not familiar with the thread-safety of the various calls
from HttpClient.  I'm willing to give a shot at an implementation, but can
someone let me know if they see a good approach to the problem?

I'm also still interested in the short-term solution of avoiding the Expect
header in the first place.  It looks like I may be able to make that
modification on my own, and make the Expect header optional in PutMethod.
Better yet, should I put this in the superclass, so the Expect behavior can
be optionally used for other methods -- specifically, POST -- as well?

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