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From "Chang Sau Sheong" <ssch...@elipva.com>
Subject HttpClient documentation
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 04:33:56 GMT

I've just started using HttpClient again recently, after a few months and I
noticed a number of changes (most prominent I think is the missing
HttpMultiClient). I think its a great tool but like a number of other open
source projects it lacks documentation, esp a good tutorial on how to start
using it. I remembered a couple of months back when I first started using
it, I struggled for a while, and had to look carefully through the APIs and
even the source code.

What the project needs in my opinion are:
1. A beginners how-to start tutorial (how to do some simple tasks)
2. FAQ
3. Architecture and design considerations
4. Comparison with HttpConnection, Innovation.ch's package of the same name
5. Advanced topics (e.g. extending the package for other authentication

I'm wondering if the 2.0 release has anyone looking into it. If not I
volunteer myself in writing a simple tutorial on how-to. The FAQ can be
gleaned from the existing mailing list. Perhaps someone with more indepth
knowledge on HttpClient's architecture can do something on the architecture
and design considerations and advanced topics bit. Then maybe someone who
has used both Innovation.ch and this package can do a quick comparison
matrix. Probably will take a bit of time but I'd consider the release not
very complete without at least (1) - (3).

Just a suggestion.

elipva Ltd

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