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From "Brett Knights" <br...@knightsofthenet.com>
Subject Re: Special domains as defined by Netscape do not seem to make muchsense (Cookies of all countries, unite!!!)
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 19:30:43 GMT

> From: "Danny Burkes" <dburkes@netable.com>
> It seems clear to me that HttpClient should conform to RFC2109,
> superceded Netscape's draft.  Section 4.3.2 of RFC2109 clearly lays
out the
> rules of cookie rejection, and HttpClient should implement to those
> IMHO, Netscape's draft is just some old cruft, and you shouldn't
worry about
> it.  Stick to the RFC.

I haven't read the whole of rfc2109 but it does say that cookies
complying with it are version 1 cookies and should contain a version
field identifying it as such.

The netscape spec is for version 0 cookies.

If rfc 2109 is a cleaned up superset of the netscape spec then by all
means ignore the netscape spec.
If, however, the netscape spec defines different behaviour then you
should still conform to the netscape spec for version 0 cookies except
in the case where it is clearly wrong or doesn't reflect a commonly
accepted practise (the case here)

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