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From ol...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r481258 - in /jakarta/httpcomponents/project: pom.xml src/site/apt/http-nio.apt src/site/apt/index.apt src/site/site.xml
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 15:06:31 GMT
Author: olegk
Date: Fri Dec  1 07:06:30 2006
New Revision: 481258

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=rev&rev=481258
Some minor POM optimizations: moved repository management definitions to the project parent
POM; Web site updates


Modified: jakarta/httpcomponents/project/pom.xml
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/jakarta/httpcomponents/project/pom.xml?view=diff&rev=481258&r1=481257&r2=481258
--- jakarta/httpcomponents/project/pom.xml (original)
+++ jakarta/httpcomponents/project/pom.xml Fri Dec  1 07:06:30 2006
@@ -112,10 +112,15 @@
+    <repository>
+      <id>apache.releases</id>
+      <name>Apache Release Repository</name>
+      <url>scp://people.apache.org/www/people.apache.org/repo/m2-ibiblio-rsync-repository</url>
+    </repository>
       <name>Apache Snapshot Repository</name>
-      <url>scp://minotaur.apache.org/www/cvs.apache.org/maven-snapshot-repository</url>
+      <url>scp://people.apache.org/www/people.apache.org/repo/m2-snapshot-repository</url>

Modified: jakarta/httpcomponents/project/src/site/apt/index.apt
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/jakarta/httpcomponents/project/src/site/apt/index.apt?view=diff&rev=481258&r1=481257&r2=481258
--- jakarta/httpcomponents/project/src/site/apt/index.apt (original)
+++ jakarta/httpcomponents/project/src/site/apt/index.apt Fri Dec  1 07:06:30 2006
@@ -66,6 +66,27 @@
     HTTP protocol. They are nonetheless sufficient to develop basic client-side and server-side

     HTTP services with a minimal footprint and no external dependencies.
+    HttpCore consists of several modules
+ ** HttpCore base module
+    This module contains the HttpCore public API and the default implementation based on
the Java 
+    classic (blocking) I/O model. It requires a Java 1.3 compatible runtime and has no dependency

+    on any external libraries.
+ ** HttpCore NIO extensions
+    HttpCore NIO extensions contain optional components that leverage the event driven, non-blocking

+    I/O (NIO) model. HttpCore NIO extensions require a Java 1.4 compatible runtime and the
+    base module.
+    NIO model proved inferior to the classic IO model in terms of raw performance where the
number of 
+    simultaneous HTTP connections is moderate (several hundreds) or when the content is meant
to be 
+    produced / consumed using standard java.io.OutputStream / java.io.InputStream interfaces
such as 
+    Servlet API. HttpCore NIO extensions are intended for those use scenarios where raw throughput

+    is less important than ability to handle thousands of simultaneous HTTP connections in
a resource 
+    efficient manner.
 * HttpAsync
     The {{{http-async/index.html}HttpAsync}} module provides an asynchronous interface for
@@ -73,10 +94,6 @@
     response. This simplifies development of multithreaded HTTP applications and allows for
     features such as pipelining.
-* HttpNIO (planned)
-    HttpNIO will provide a non-blocking implementation of the HTTP protocol. 
 * HttpAuth (planned)
     HttpAuth will provide an abstract API and pluggable implementations of standard authentication

@@ -93,10 +110,10 @@
     HttpConn will provide an API and a number of default implementations of components for
     management of HTTP connections
-* HttpClient (planned)
+* HttpClient
     Jakarta HttpClient developed by HttpComponents project will serve as an easy to use facade
to the 
     lower level components of HttpCore, HttpAuth, HttpCookie, HttpConn and is intended as
a successor 
     and a replacement for 
-    {{{http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/httpclient/index.html}Jakarta Commons HttpClient
+    {{{http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/httpclient/index.html}Jakarta Commons HttpClient

Modified: jakarta/httpcomponents/project/src/site/site.xml
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/jakarta/httpcomponents/project/src/site/site.xml?view=diff&rev=481258&r1=481257&r2=481258
--- jakarta/httpcomponents/project/src/site/site.xml (original)
+++ jakarta/httpcomponents/project/src/site/site.xml Fri Dec  1 07:06:30 2006
@@ -28,9 +28,8 @@
       <item name="Wiki (external)" href="http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/FrontPage"/>
     <menu name="Modules">
-      <item name="HttpCore" href="http-core/index.html"/>
-      <item name="HttpAsync" href="http-async/index.html"/>
-      <item name="HttpNIO" href="http-nio.html"/>
+      <item name="HttpCore" href="httpcore/index.html"/>
+      <item name="HttpAsync" href="jakarta-httpasync/index.html"/>
       <item name="HttpAuth" href="http-auth.html"/>
       <item name="HttpCookie" href="http-cookie.html"/>
       <item name="HttpConn" href="http-conn.html"/>

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