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From Kang Minwoo <minwoo.k...@outlook.com>
Subject What is the recommended HBase version?
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2020 02:32:20 GMT
Hello, Users.

I use HBase Version 1.2.9.
However, Version 1.2.9 reached EOL. I prepare the HBase Major version upgrade.

In my case, Every clients' version is 1.2.9.
There are too many clients. I cannot upgrade the clients' major version.
Therefore old client that is using 1.2.9 connect new HBase Cluster that upgrades the major
version for a long time.

The current Stable release is Version 2.2.3. Is it okay to use 2.2.3?
Can 1.2.9 client access 2.2.3 cluster?

I wonder what I consider during the HBase Major version upgrade.

Best regards,
Minwoo Kang
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