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From Duo Zhang <zhang...@apache.org>
Subject [REPORT] HBase Quarterly report Jul-Sep 2019
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2019 12:59:53 GMT
Hi all,

HBase submits a report to the ASF board once a quarter, to inform the board
about project health. I'm sending the report to the user@ and dev@ mailing
lists because you are the project, and for transparency. If you have any
questions about the report or the running of the project, you can pose them
to any PMC member or committer, or send an email to private@hbase.apache.org
which every PMC member subscribes to.

## Description:
Apache HBase is an open-source, distributed, versioned, non-relational
database. Apache HBase gives you low latency random access to billions of
with millions of columns atop non-specialized hardware.

hbase-thirdparty is a set of internal artifacts used by the project to
mitigate the impact of our dependency choices on the wider ecosystem.

hbase-connectors is a collection of integration points with other projects.
The initial release includes artifacts for use with Apache Kafka and Apache

hbase-filesystem contains HBase project-specific implementations of the
Hadoop FileSystem API. It is currently experimental and internal to the

hbase-operator-tools is a collection of tools for HBase operators. Now it is
mainly for hosting HBCK2.

hbase-native-client is a client library in C/C++, in its early days.

## Issues:

## Membership Data:
Apache HBase was founded 2010-04-21 (9 years ago)
There are currently 85 committers and 48 PMC members in this project.
The Committer-to-PMC ratio is roughly 2:1.

Community changes, past quarter:
- Zheng Hu(openinx) was added to the PMC on 2019-08-05
- Reid Chan(reidchan) was added to the PMC on 2019-08-12
- Pankaj Kumar(pankajkumar) was added as committer on 2019-09-13
- Sakthi(sakthi) was added as committer on 2019-08-01
- Tak-Lon (Stephen) Wu(taklwu) was added as committer on 2019-08-06

The PMC Chair was changed on 2019-07. Misty Linville stepped back and Duo
was appointed as the new Chair. Thanks Misty for serving us as Chair in the
last two years.

## Project Activity:
Recent releases:

hbase-thirdparty-3.0.0 was released on 2019-09-25.
hbase-operator-tools-1.0.0 was released on 2019-09-24.
2.2.1 was released on 2019-09-04.
2.1.6 was released on 2019-08-30.
2.0.6 was released on 2019-08-19.

HBase 2.0.x is at the end of maintenance (EOM). 2.0.x users are encouraged
upgrade to the the newest 2.1.x and 2.2.x releases.

HBaseConAsia 2019 was held on 2019-07-20 in Beijing, China. There are
500+ attendees and more than 20 presentations. A simple report:
We also had a round table meeting on the day after the conference, this is
meeting note:

There were some discussions about the relationship between HBase and

We revived the discussion about moving the stable pointer to 2.x

A lot of works have been done to improve the HBCK2 tool so we think it is
to move the stable pointer to 2.x. If no other concerns, 2.2.2 or 2.2.3 will
be the next stable version.

We discussed the protobuf version for 3.0.0 release.

We have moved to a shaded 3.x protobuf version for most code but for CECPs
are still on 2.5.0. This is partly because hadoop is still on 2.5.0.
the hadoop community also started to solve the problem, and we will try to
help them.

There was a discussion on where to place the release scripts:

We have several repos now and all of them need to follow the Apache
to make releases. We need to find a way to make the release work easier.

## Community Health:
- Mailing list activity:
1015 subscribers(1007 in the previous quarter)
1339 emails sent to list(1473 in the previous quarter)

2150 subscribers(2171 in the previous quarter)
282 emails sent to list(160 in the previous quarter)

- JIRA activity:
455 issues opened in JIRA, past quarter (-5% decrease)
350 issues closed in JIRA, past quarter (-28% decrease)

I think after 2.x gets more stable the numbers will keep decreasing, maybe
is a sign that we should start the release for 3.0.0.

- GitHub activity:
377 PRs opened on GitHub, past quarter (41% increase)
380 PRs closed on GitHub, past quarter (57% increase)

We keep improving the GitHub PR integration and now GitHub PR is the
way to submit and review patches. This is why these numbers increasing

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