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From Austin Heyne <ahe...@ccri.com>
Subject Bits getting flipped in record value
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2019 22:47:20 GMT
Hey all,

We're running HBase 1.4.8 on EMR 5.20 backed by S3 and we're seeing a 
bit get flipped in some record values.

We've preformed a bulk ingest and bulk load of a large chunk of data and 
then pointed a live ingest feed to that table. After a period of time we 
found that a few records in the table had been corrupted and were one 
bit different from their original value. Since we saved the output of 
the bulk ingest we re-loaded those files and verified that at the time 
of bulk load the record was correct. This seems to us to indicate that 
at some point during the live ingest writes the record was corrupted.

I've verified that the region that the record is in has never been split 
but it has received over 2 million write requests so there very likely 
could have been some minor compactions there.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?


Austin L. Heyne

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