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From Andrzej <borucki_andr...@wp.pl>
Subject Re: Program hangs at hTable->Put(*std::move(put))
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2017 15:45:24 GMT
W dniu 29.09.2017 o 17:14, Ted Yu pisze:
>>From client side, you can specify any column you want to write.
> If the column happens to exist for the row, new value would be written.
> For the code snippet, there is getTable() and Put().
> Can you separate into two statements to narrow down which call hangs ?
> Which commit are you using in the branch ?
> Did you build with buck ?

I build with buck, I use commit e2bb10a8708e7a675558ca0aad9e340823573ff6 
from 2017-09-22

getTable hTable = 0x10000
getTable hEnv=1 hTable & 0xffff=0
getTable, after get()
after getTable, before Put, table=1800d300

     my_printf("hbPutColumns before put\n");
     Table *table = getTable(hTable);
     my_printf("after getTable, before Put, table=%x\n",table);
     my_printf("end hbPutColumns\n");

table is not null, it is raw pointer from unique pointer

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